Information for New Volunteers

Open Enrollment for the background check is restricted to a small window by the Sheriff's Dept., taking place November-December. They'll cover the cost of the check and notarize the forms when you sign them, so don't worry about that. Unfortunately, though, if you miss this year's open enrollment period, you'll have to wait until next year's.

After your background check clears, we'll add you to our safety and security training class. The jail accreditation committee requires all civilian volunteers to complete eight hours of training, which we handle in a single day called "Super Saturday." You'll learn everything from standard procedures to what to look for in con games. You're also welcome to ask our officers and staff any questions you may have.

After this, the chaplains will call you to ensure that you understand everything required, and to discuss the particulars of what you plan on teaching and when. We do have to approve all materials that come into the jail, so let us know if you have handouts or books to share.  If you need assistance in study preparations, or you need Bibles to hand out, we'll have those for you. 

We'll then assign you a Bible study based on your availability and around jail security concerns. Many Bible studies take place either weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, based on how often you can come into the facility. We'll also get you a badge at that point so that you can come and go freely to your assigned area.   (Obviously, for security reasons, you're not allowed to visit other areas of the jail un-escorted).

At that point, you're golden. Just log onto our website on the volunteers page to let us know how things are going each meeting! This helps us make necessary monthly reports and lets us know how to keep praying for and assisting you.

Contact the chaplains at 912-652-7755 if you have any further questions. God bless, and thank you for your service!