looking for ways to help?

Christians who agree with our brief statement of faith and are members of good standing in their churches are welcome to serve with us in this local missions work. We need those who can mentor and disciple inside and outside the jail, those who can grade tests, those who can partner in prayer, those who can serve on the board, and those who can hire program participants needing work. 

We're also looking for Bible study leaders, those with a passion to teach the Word of God, demonstrable ability in teaching, have a heart for souls,and come recommended by their local churches.  All volunteers inside the jail must undergo a background check and TB test as well as agree to attend an annual administrative policies and security training class. 

If you are interested in volunteering inside the jail, visit this page for more information.

Contact the chaplains at 912-652-7755 if you have any questions or want to speak with us.  

For those wanting to serve outside the jail, contact Chatham Transitional Ministries

Thank you for your service!

volunteers: let us know about your Study!