Transitional ministry

We seek to continue ministering to men and women, practically and spiritually, as they get released from jail. Many times, they don't have work, transportation, or money—the consequences of their choices—and many face hefty fines and probation stipulations. However, they may lack the knowledge or ability to change their situation. We seek to help them cut through this fog to find employment, transportation, housing, and churches, all while continuing to instruct and train them in Christian faith and ethics.

Unfortunately, this ministry is gravely underfunded.  Our funding goal for the transitional ministry is $40,000/year, and we've only been able to raise half of that this year. Sadly, some of the churches that pledged to give have told us that they cannot, and we will be faced with a difficult choice next year if we cannot reach that goal.  Find out how you can help this effort by donating on this page!

reborn and reformed

One of the best ways to demonstrate a Christian worldview is to simply be with people. We take former inmates to one of our three Bible studies, helping to fulfill drug court requirements as well as ensuring that they have the godly instruction they need. We also take them on fun outings such as bowling and putt-putt. Some are involved with one-on-one discipleship and mentoring. We're hoping this time will help strengthen the life-skills many need for that leg up in the world.  

Contact Lori Irish for more information at (912) 480-5068, or feel free to send her an email.


Our transitional ministry is exploding, and we can certainly use your help.  Our number one need right now is funding, because this wonderful ministry is in danger of closing.  Sadly, some churches that pledged support have not followed through, so we are seeking new support. If you want to help financially, visit this page for more information.

We are also trying to find more housing options.  As of right now, we have a good relationship with the local shelters and men's residential.  We would also like to provide affordable rental options as our folks begin the process of rebuilding their lives.

Finally, as we have placed almost 400 individuals in stable jobs, we can also use more employers.  We have a growing list of over fifty businesses that have graciously provided employment, but those jobs are now almost filled to capacity!  Please let us know if you are interested in helping in this way.