Coastal Jail Ministries of Georgia

We are an interdenominational Christian ministry that exists to meet the spiritual needs of past and present inmates and staff in the Chatham County Detention Center through genuine gospel hope and deliberate discipleship in biblical living.


It's the percentage of those returning to jail or prison within a three-year period of their most recent release from incarceration.  Nationwide, it averages around 80%, making the justice system a revolving door for repeat offenders. However, our program numbers indicate a dramatic reduction in recidivism; conservatively, 80% don't return to jail

In reality, it's the grace of the Lord that changes of the heart of all sinners, criminal offenders included.  It trains us "to renounce ungodliness and worldly passions, and to live self-controlled, upright, and godly lives" (Titus 2:12).  As those involved in the Life Learning Program learn a different way of thinking, they gain the ability to put off their old ways and take up a new life in Christ (Col 3:5-10).

As a result of God's Word going forth in the jail, the community of Savannah is blessed by the transformation of each detainee who turns to Christ.  Our ministry saves local tax payers an estimated $5,000,000 annually through recidivism reduction costs. Money spent for police officers, detectives, equipment, jail facilities, inmate room and board, sheriff officers and administrative staff, judges, criminal prosecution and indigent defense lawyers.  These numbers in no way can account for the reduction of pain, suffering, broken families and property losses within our community due to a reduction of crime.


  • Number of men in our program on average day. 75
  • Number of women in our program on average day. 40
  • Number of inmates jail wide participating in a Bible study weekly. Est. 305
  • Number of Test papers generated for grading annually: 15,800
  • Number of graduates of our program last year. 292
  • Number of inmates receiving some instruction through our Life Learning Program last year. 1,425
  • Number of Bibles we distributed last year. 2,600
  • Number of volunteer Bible teachers used last year. 29
  • Number of volunteer Paper Graders used last year. 100
  • Number of inmates on a normal day. 1,800. 
  • Number of officers and staff serving the jail. 500. 
  • The Chatham County Detention Center contains 24 separate dormitories. 
  • Average number of inmates acknowledging the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal savior annually. 360
  • Amount of taxpayer funds received by our ministry annually. Zero! We accept no taxpayer funding. Our principle source of funds are donations from Christian churches, local citizens and businesses in the surrounding area served by the Detention Center.